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    Worcester must have its say on housing


Robin Walker, Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Worcester has expressed serious concerns over the proposals put forward by the unelected Regional Assembly for building tens of thousands of houses in Worcester and around the County. He has raised the question of how the County can cope with such a massive expansion as is proposed and how its underfunded services will be able to continue to deliver for people in Worcester.

Robin said: "These proposals draw attention to two important points - the chronic underfunding of Worcestershire under a Labour government and the lack of accountability in the regional government structure that has sent them down."

"Plans for tens of thousands of houses to be built in and around Worcester have not been drawn up by the elected representatives of the City or the County but by a regional body which is not accountable to anyone. We need affordable housing for the people of Worcester and this is a key priority for our party, but these plans bear no relation to the needs of the City itself or the County. The benefits of expansion should be balanced with the need to protect green open spaces and maintain quality of life. Worcester must have its say."

 "The concentration of new housing in the rural Midlands and the South East of England is not something that has been put forward by the people of these areas, nor even of the country as a whole, but by a Labour government dominated by the representatives of the big cities and the North."

"There are some very exciting developments going on in Worcester and I welcome moves to provide more affordable housing but if expansion on the scale envisaged is to work, it needs the appropriate infrastructure in terms of schools, roads and hospitals. There is no sign of this infrastructure in the current plans and no end in sight to the underfunding of Worcestershire in terms of health and education under Labour."

"Conservative MPs across the county have been campaigning for fairer funding for the last ten years. If I am elected I will do everything in my power to make sure we get it."


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