Worcester’s Robin Walker, who will today become simply the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Worcester again as Parliament is dissolved, has welcomed the support of the former Chairman of the Worcester Liberal Democrats. Barry MacGabhan, who joined the Conservative Party at their recent AGM, has agreed to sign his nomination papers for re-election. Robin has won support from across the political divide and has shown his willingness to get involved in cross party campaigns as well as to work hard for the constituency of Worcester as its MP.

Barry MacGabhan, who was chairman of the Worcester Liberal Democrats for a number of years after the last General Election gave his reasons for endorsing Robin, saying:

“I am passionate about local businesses being successful, I believe Robin shows great commitment to the Worcester business community and is constantly working towards making this city a better place both to work and live in. We have seen major growth in apprenticeships. Robin has also shown that he will do all in his powers to gain further investment into the area through his work with China. Robin is a true “internationalist” and I believe he will work tirelessly to regain some vital powers back to the UK from Europe whilst understanding the importance of Europe to local business exports.”

Before the last election in Worcester Robin received support from former Labour Councillors Marc Bayliss and Pam Clayton both of whom are now Conservatives. In Parliament he has worked on a number of all party campaigns and cross party groups and he has always put the interests of Worcester above those of his party. In October 2014 a senior Labour MP who has worked closely with Robin was quoted in the Independent newspaper saying “if the Tories were full of people like Robin they would win every general election”.

Commenting today Robin said:

“I am proud to be a moderate one nation Conservative but I am prouder still to have been the MP for Worcester. As Parliament dissolves today I become once again the Conservative Candidate, but I am pleased to have won support from members and campaigners for other parties. Thousands of people in Worcester voted Liberal Democrat at the last election because they were promising to raise the threshold on income tax and I am proud that this Conservative led Coalition has more than delivered on that pledge.”

“I will always work with politicians of other parties to get things done for Worcester and I will always put my constituency first. The reason why people are coming across to the Conservative party is that they can see we have delivered the strong economy we need and done the right things in Government, the right things not just for the country but for Worcester too. That includes standing up for a strong Britain in the world and fighting the corner for British business, I am delighted to have Barry’s support in doing this.”