Last week Worcester’s MP joined some of his Worcestershire neighbours to take a tour of the wonderful new Meadow Birth Centre at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital. The new Midwife led unit will be opened at the end of this month and will support prospective parents from across the County.

Robin saw the site of the new unit when he visited the hospital just before Christmas but wasn’t able to come inside as it was still a building site. Last week he was taken round by the midwife team and saw the finished product, he was hugely impressed by the spacious rooms, large birthing pools and bright friendly decoration. The whole unit has a meadow theme, to link up with its name and different suites are themed around different meadow flowers such as poppy, cornflower, daisy & violet. There is also a spacious shared kitchen where anxious fathers to be will be able to make coffee and speak to the midwives.

The centre, run by experienced midwives, will offer a comfortable environment where birth is treated as a ‘normal’ process (without intervention), rather than a medical one. The four-room centre (each with an en-suite) will be near to the current delivery suite, but not a part of it. It will look and feel homely – not like a hospital – helping keep parents to be comfortable and relaxed.

The centre will offer a safe place to give birth to mothers who have been assessed as ‘low risk’. This means the midwife has cared for them during the pregnancy and there have been no complications or medical problems. The lead professional for care will therefore be the midwife. Prospective mothers will be provided with the phone numbers to contact the birth centre for advice when they are in labour and will then be invited to come in. The facility will be used for all low-risk pregnancies, unless people wish to opt out.

Robin said:

“This midwife led centre has been a long time in the planning and I am delighted to see it come to fruition. With its bright colours and calm atmosphere I have no doubt it will be a valuable addition to our hospital but, speaking to the midwives who will work here, I know that there is going to be enormous professional pride in the work that takes place here and there is a real eagerness to get going. There is extensive evidence that, where it can be done safely, a non-clinical approach to childbirth is less stressful and better for mother and baby. It is wonderful that prospective parents in Worcester will now have that extra choice.”

“I was not just impressed but blown away by the stunning suites at the birth centre. They are spacious, bright and have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Anyone would be proud to have their baby in such a setting. Along with the smart new Worcestershire Oncology Centre and the Breast Unit which will be arriving later this year, this MLU is a fantastic addition to our local hospital.”


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