Robin Walker, Worcester’s MP has welcomed today’s announcement of £18,700 funding for repairs to St Nicholas’ church in Warndon as part of a £55 million package of church repairs nationally from which Worcestershire churches are receiving almost £300,000. These repairs will also help to prevent further damage to these buildings – ensuring they are preserved for generations to come.

Robin recently met the new vicar of St Nicholas’ church in Warndon and heard about their bid for funding to help with vitally needed roof repairs. He was already familiar with the church as before he was born his parents had lived at the Old Parsonage in Warndon nearby and he had been taken to see it a number of times as a child.

The vital investment of £18,700 will cover more than four fifths of the cost of repairing St Nicholas’ church’s roof.

Robin Walker said:

‘I’m delighted to hear that St Nicholas’ Church has got £18,700 of funding for repairs. I know that St Nicholas’ is an important part of our community in Warndon and the Warndon Villages, my family were once parishioners there and this money will help ensure it’s there for future generations.”

‘The only reason we can afford this investment is because of the action Conservatives have taken to fix the economy. Labour’s plans would mean economic chaos – and Britain unable to afford this kind of work to protect our national heritage. I am delighted that with a Worcestershire based Secretary of State for Culture, the value of our historic church buildings has been recognised.’

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said:

‘Churches and Cathedrals are a unique part of our national heritage, and play a vital role in community life – we want to support them, and thanks to our long-term economic plan, we can.

‘Whether it’s our country’s future or these important buildings, the sun is shining and we’re starting to fix the roof.’


Notes to Editors


·         55 Anglican and Catholic Catherdrals in England, and 42 churches in Scotland have been awarded funding from the First World War Centenary Cathedral repair fund. This £20 million  fund was announced in Budget 2014 (HM Treasury press release, 26 March 2015, link).


·         This is on top of the £55 million Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund – which is today benefitting 502 UK churches. Funding from the Listed Place of Worship Rood Repair Fund has also been announced (HM Treasury press release, 26 March 2015, link).


The churches receiving funding in Worcestershire under this tranche of the Roof Repair fund are:


West Midlands St. Peter’s Church, Flyford Flavell, Worcestershire St. Peter’s PCC Worcestershire WR7 4BS Award Grant of £11,900 (76%)
West Midlands St Nicholas Church, St Nicholas Lane, Warndon Villages, Worcester PCC of St Nicholas Church, Warndon Worcestershire WR4 0SL Award grant of £18,700 (83%)
West Midlands Bromsgrove PCC, District Church of St John the Baptist, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire The Church of John the Baptist in the Ecclesiastical Parish of Bromsgrove in the Church of England Diocese of Worcester B61 7JW Award grant of £60,000 (67%)
West Midlands Church of St Matthias, Church Road, Malvern Link PCC of St Matthias, Malvern Link WR14 1NP Award £19,100 (56%)
West Midlands St Peter’s Church, Hinton on the Green Hinton on the Green PCC WR11 2QU Award a grant of £98,100 (80%)
West Midlands Hadzor with Oddingley and Tibberton PCC St Peter AD Vincula, Tibberton WR6 6JA Award grant of £83,800 (69%)