MP gets assurance from Secretary of State that upgrade  plans will be urgently looked in to


Worcester’s Conservative Parliamentary Candidate has responded to concerns about the

capacity of the Worcestershire Royal Hospital’s A&E department today and called both the

Chairman of the Acute Trust and the Secretary of State for Health to reiterate his support for a

£25 million upgrade.


Robin has already spoken out for years about the need to upgrade the A&E Department at the

WRH and has backed the plans of local clinicians to press for it.


He pointed out at a recent Health hustings at the Cap & Gown pub in Worcester that Labour’s

decision to press ahead with a controversial PFI at the WRH in 1997 had been questioned at

the time on the basis that the hospital would be too small to meet future demand and he spoke

of his experience as a driver working for Stephen Dorrell, who as Secretary of State for Health

at that time had refused to sign off on the proposed deal. Robin said that ever since that time it

had been clear that the capacity of the A&E would be a problem as the population of

Worcestershire grew and more elderly people with more long term conditions placed demands

on it.


He has proposed a range of solutions to help meet the demands being placed on the NHS in

Worcestershire such as increasing GP opening hours across the city – something that the

successful South Worcestershire bid to the Prime Ministers Challenge fund will help to deliver –

and greater integration between health and social care.


However Robin has already stated on a number of occassions that the A&E department at

Worcester is overworked and needs more capacity. He has welcomed assurances from the

Acute Trust that they have already taken action on concerns raised at recent inspections by the

CQC and that they have expanded the number of beds and cubicles available to the A&E

department to reduce the risk of trolley waits. However he has expressed his concern about the

release from the West Midlands Ambulance Trust that shows problems have remained acute in

recent weeks and the continued problems with meeting the four hour waiting time target.


Commenting on this Robin said

“It has been clear over a long period of time that sustained high demand and a large number of

ambulance attendances at our A&E has put the department in Worcester under a great deal of

strain. I spoke out about this when I visited and spent time with clinical staff in A&E in February

this year and I have repeatedly raised it with Ministers. The latest concerns from the Ambulance

Trust are serious and I want to ensure they are treated with the utmost seriousness and dealt

with as a matter or urgency. I have spoken to the management of the Acute Trust who have

explained to me the actions they have already taken and welcomed the fact that they have more

doctors and more nurses than ever before to deal with the situation.”


“In the last five years our hospital has dealt with more emergency admissions than ever before,

treated more people and discharged more. We have more than 140 more nurses and 27 more

doctors working at our hospital than we did in 2010 and there have been fewer complaints and

far fewer hospital acquired infections and bed sores. I want to pay tribute to the hard work of

NHS staff who have achieved this. Nevertheless the warnings of those who queried the PFI deal

on the Worcestershire Royal Hospital back in 1997 have been proven right. We need to address

the problem of capacity and that means we need a significant upgrade to our A&E department. I

will do everything in my power to support that. I have spoken to Jeremy Hunt’s office this

morning and have his personal assurance that any proposal to upgrade the A&E will be looked

at very seriously and responded to urgently.”


“Clinicians in Worcestershire have already backed the case for a major upgrade to our A&E

department at the Royal Hospital. we now need to get plans drawn up and approved by

Government as soon as we can. For those who doubt whether this is possible I would point to

the delivery of the £25 million new Oncology unit, the midwife led birth centre and the breast

cancer unit being delivered this year. We have secured these thanks to the £7 billion investment

in the NHS over inflation over the last five years. With the Conservatives pledged to provide a

further £8 billion investment over inflation in the next five years I am confident we can deliver the

estimated £25 million needed to upgrade the emergency department in Worcester.”


Notes to editors

for Robin Walker’s previous statements on the hospital and the acute trust see:

For more details of the Prime Minister’s challenge fund and the investment in South

Worcestershire GP Services see:

For Robin’s most recent releases on the NHS in Worcester see:



Robin Walker explicitly called the an upgrade to the A&E Department at the WRH in February



He welcomed the new Oncology centre in February and visited A&E to meet with staff at the

same time


He has welcomed increases in funding for Worcestershire’s NHS on a number of occassions,

most recently in December 2014



He visited the hospital just before Christmas to meet with staff and patients


He has spoken up for extra funding for the WRH to meet Winter pressures on a number of



In May 2013 he opened an extension to the Surgical Clinical Decisions Unit at the WRH to take

some of the pressure off A&E


In February 2013 Robin first welcomed the decision of the clinically led Joint Services Review to

press for an upgrade to Worcester’s A&E