Claimant Count more than halved since election five years ago, long term claims halved in last 15 months


Worcester’s Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Robin Walker, has welcomed strong job

figures which show UK employment is at its highest ever level and a welcomed a fall in the

claimant count for Worcester.


The March figures published today show that the number of claimants is down 33 on the

previous month and 579 from one year ago, at 1,224. This ends a period of two months in which

the figure had risen slightly and it is the third lowest monthly figure since February 2006.

Since the same period five years ago, just before the 2010 General Election, unemployment in

Worcester has fallen by 1,415 or 53%.


All the major categories of unemployment are down and the youth unemployment figures have

fallen even more sharply. The claimant count for under 25s, which stood at 805 under Labour in

Summer 2009, (and was 765 five years ago in March 2010) is now down to 315. This is a fall of

5 on the previous month and 165 from one year ago. This is also the third lowest figure since

January 2006.


Some of the strongest improvements have been in long term unemployment, which has now

fallen for the thirteenth consecutive month in a row. At 260, this figure is less than half what it

was in September 2013, and is the second lowest figure for claimants over 12 months since

November 2009.


Last night, speaking at a Hustings in St George’s Church in Barbourne, Robin was asked what

would be the thing he would be most proud achieving of if he were to be re-elected. He said

eliminating youth unemployment in Worcester.


Robin Walker said:

“Falling unemployment and a strengthening jobs market have been a long term trend in

Worcester over a number of years. That is a credit not only to the Government, but most of all to

the resilience and hard work of local people and local businesses. Only this week, I visited a

local recruitment and training firm e-response Recruitment, who told me that they see strong

demand in the jobs market, more full time jobs, and higher wages on offer. It is good news that

after a couple of months in which the figures for claimants rose slightly, they have now returned

to their downward trend. I am confident that if a Conservative Government is returned this May,

we will see the lowest ever figures for unemployment in Worcester during the course of 2015.”

“I am very proud that during my time as MP for Worcester both overall and youth unemployment

have been halved. The opportunities on offer for our young people in Worcester are one of the

most vital things for any politician to focus on locally. We have reduced youth unemployment by

almost two thirds since 2010, and I want to see that progress continue. We need to keep driving

up apprenticeship numbers and focus more support on those who have been furthest from the

jobs market.”


“The Conservatives record in Government is second to none on job creation. I am very proud

that this Government has seen the creation of a net two million jobs and presided over the

highest levels of employment in our country’s history. The contrast with Labour’s record of

increased unemployment is stark. It is worth remembering that every Labour Government since

the 1920s has left unemployment higher than when it took office. I don’t just want to see youth

unemployment reduced in Worcester, I want to see it eliminated, and the Conservative

Manifesto includes plans to achieve this.”


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