Worcester’s MP Robin Walker, who was himself re-elected last Thursday, with more than twenty two thousand votes and an almost doubled majority of 5,646, has offered his congratulations to the Conservative group on Worcester City Council who held all their seats and won the last remaining Liberal Democrat City seat in Claines to take back full control of Worcester City for the first time since 2011.

Across the city Conservative Councillors and Candidates won a staggering 17,242 votes or 42.6% of the total vote, comfortably beating second placed Labour who won 11,796 votes and just over 29% of the vote, their lowest share of the vote in the last five years. This was despite the collapse of the once strong Lib Dem vote to just 3% and UKIP and the Greens fielding candidates in every ward in the city winning 13.5% and 10.9% of the vote respectively.

Every single Conservative candidate in the local elections was placed first or second and every candidate won at least 900 votes, with only the Arboretum seeing fewer than 1,000 voters turning out for the party. In contrast Labour were placed third in two areas –  Claines and St Stephen and saw their vote fall as low as 376 in the latter ward. Three Conservative Councillors, Roger Knight, Marc Bayliss and Andy Stafford were elected with majorities of over 1,000 whereas Labour’s biggest majority in the whole city was 544 in St Johns.

The Conservative share of the vote was the highest since 2011 and the actual number of votes in the local elections higher than in any of the last five years.

New Councillors elected included Andy Stafford in Claines and Alan Feeney in Warndon Parish North, whilst new Conservative Candidates Jenna Mitchell in Nunnery, Irene Deamer in St John’s and Will Pryce in the Arboretum all came within a few hundred votes of their opponents.

Commenting on the result, which leaves the Council with a Conservative majority of one and a fully Conservative administration, Robin said:

“I am delighted to see that all the hard work of Simon Geraghty and his proven administration has paid off and that we now have a proper majority for Conservatives on Worcester City Council just as we have one for the Conservative Government in Westminster. This is a result based on a record of delivery and will enable the local council to secure a stronger, better Worcester.”

“Since the Liberal Democrats reneged on their two year deal with our administration in 2012 they have been punished by voters for their decision to side with Labour in putting up council tax and parking charges. I am delighted that the Conservatives have cut the parking charges to help the high street and therefore contributed to Worcester’s economic recovery as well as keeping council tax frozen in the city and building more affordable homes than Labour ever did. We have shown that we can win votes in every part of the city and I am excited to see some bright new councillors and candidates emerging.”

“I was delighted to be able to welcome the return of many longstanding Councillors with increased majorities and in particular want to congratulate our excellent Deputy Mayor Roger Knight on an emphatic victory. If I had won as great a share of the vote as he did my majority would be in the tens of thousands! I am looking forward to working with Councillors of all parties to ensure Worcester continues to prosper and succeed.”

Notes to editors:

For a breakdown of the votes and vote shares across the city with winning results in bold see:
Arb Bed Cat Cla Nun StC StJ StP StS WPN WPS Total %
Con 910 2197 1899 2115 1252 1,338 1139 2022 1115 1596 1659 17242 42.6%
Lab 1209 1190 1760 886 1627 869 1683 731 376 689 776 11796 29.1%
UKIP 324 746 537 558 737 445 592 368 307 430 401 5445 13.5%
Green 640 254 652 394 253 261 266 214 1023 221 219 4397 10.9%
LD 261 1056 1317 3.3%
TUSC 52 66 118 0.3%
BNP 23 19 40 16 98 0.2%
Ind 54 54 0.1%
Total 3083 4723 4933 5009 3909 2913 3696 3335 2875 2936 3055 40467

For more information on the result of this year’s City Council elections see: http://www.worcester.gov.uk/2015-election