Robin Walker has welcomed the first Queen’s Speech of the Conservative majority Government and one that addresses many of the issues on which he campaigned for re-election in Worcester and has raised in Parliament over the last five years.

He has particularly welcomed the focus on raising living standards and focusing on a “One Nation” approach to support aspiration, give new opportunities to the most disadvantaged and bring different parts of the country together.

The Queen has set out the first purely Conservative legislative programme for almost 20 years, with plans to establish full employment, deliver a fast-track EU referendum bill, more apprenticeships and increased home ownership.

The first Queen’s Speech of the new parliament includes a great deal of legislation to support the recovery in Britain’s economy, including increasing productivity, making sure that nobody on the minimum wage pays income tax on their first 30 hours of work – something that Robin has been calling for over many years, and a push to cut regulation affecting small businesses so that they can create more jobs.

It also includes vital legislation on education, skills, children and families with plans to increase the provision of free childcare, speed up adoption, improve schools and drive up the number and quality of apprenticeships.

Robin has recently taken on the role of being PPS to the Secretary of State for Education and is looking forward to supporting her and her team on delivering the programme set out in the Queens Speech. In particular he is looking forward to working to deliver on the Conservative manifesto pledge of fairer funding for schools, something that he has also campaigned for throughout his time in parliament.

Commenting on the Queen’s Speech, Robin said:

“It is always a pleasure, as MP for the faithful city, to see the Queen come to her Parliament and set out a programme for the coming year. It is a particular pleasure when so many of the things I have been pressing for since my maiden speech are included in the Gracious Speech and when some of the key things I have spoken out for and called for over the years are coming closer to delivery. I am delighted to see One Nation being put at the heart of the Government’s programme and look forward to supporting the bills that will deliver it.”

“Having spoken out for an EU referendum and English votes for English Laws I am delighted to see both of these included in the Queens Speech and, following an election campaign that focused heavily on how we ensure more people share the benefits of economic recovery I am glad to see measures to help the low paid keep more of what they earn and to take people on the minimum wage out of tax altogether. I have always said that education is key to equality of opportunity and it is good to see education, apprenticeships and aspiration featuring so strongly in today’s Queens Speech. I am really looking forward to working with the Education team to deliver their programme, increase standards and achieve the fairer funding for local schools for which I have campaigned for so long.”

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