Walker welcomes boost for local jobs and record lows in claimant count


Worcester’s MP Robin Walker has welcomed the figures for unemployment in May which are

the lowest since monthly records began and show a significant fall from 1,178 in April before the

election to a new low of 1,137. The rate of unemployment in Worcester is below 2%, at a rate

that international organisations describe as representing full employment.

The youth unemployment figures are also amongst the lowest on record and, at 295 below 300

for only the third month since January 2006.


Overall unemployment in Worcester fell by 41 in the last month and 380 in the last year, it is

down by 1,594 or 58% from its peak in January 2010. Youth unemployment is slightly lower,

down 5 since April and 90 in the last year, it has fallen 505 or 64% since it peaked in Summer



The figures for long term unemployment have also fallenfor the 14th month in a row and now

stand at just 240, down 175 since one yea ago and well under half the peak level of 585. The

figure is now at its lowest level since October 2009.


Robin last month predicted that unemployment in Worcester would reach record low levels as

business confidence improved in the wake of the election result but he has welcomed this

happening even quicker than he had expected. He also welcomed new national figures that

show that wages are rising significantly faster than inflation at 2.7% after the latest inflation

figures from ONS showed RPI at just 0.1%.


Commenting he said

“It is wonderful news that unemployment in Worcester has reached new lows and that more

people are finding the security of a job. I want to keep up a relentless focus on creating

opportunity and backing the businesses that invest in people and skills. We must keep working

harder than ever to make sure this trend continues and to keep driving employment

opportunities in Worcester. I am particularly delighted to see long term unemployment

continuing to fall and I want to make sure this means more help is targeted to the people who

remain in this difficult position. We have a Government that is firmly focused on delivering

prosperity for all and a one nation approach, I am looking forward to seeing this have further

positive impact in Worcester.”


“With more businesses opening and expanding in Worcester and more investment in our

infrastructure to unlock growth I am confident that we will see even better figures in the months

to come but the real benefit of a strong jobs market is going to be in rising pay. It is good to see

the figures nationally that now suggest that pay is rising well ahead of inflation, which will help

with the cost of living and ensure that work always pays.”


Notes to editors:

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Robin recently welcomed the impact of the Employment Allowance which has helped over 1,300

firms in Worcester employ people



He also recently welcomed a Business Minister to Worcester to meet with local businesses and

hear how they could be helped to expand and take on more workers



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