Today in Westminster, the Chancellor George Osborne delivered the first Conservative

Budget since 1996 with key measures to improve the economic security of Britain.

Robin Walker, Worcester’s MP has given a warm welcome to the announcement that the

Government is committing to meet the NATO 2% target for investment in defence and

security and has expressed his reassurance that this will underpin further investment in

cybersecurity, armed forces personnel and equipment. The Chancellor also committed to a

0.5% increase each year in real terms for the MOD budget up to 2020/21.


Robin also particularly welcomed the announcement that the annual support to winners of

the Victoria Cross and the George Cross, the highest awards the UK can offer for gallantry,

are to be quadrupled and that support for the cadets and reserves is to be stepped up. The

Prime Minister personally launched a £10 million fund during the last Parliament to help get

cadet groups set up in more state schools and today it has been announced that this will be

stepped up to £50 million.


Robin recently took part in the celebrations of the Queens Royal Hussars receiving the

freedom of the city of Worcester and met with the Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Reserves and Cadets Association during the recent Three Counties Show.

Commenting on the security and defence aspects of today’s budget he said

“Securing Britain’s future in a challenging and dangerous world is a major challenge and it is

one to which we need all our Governments to rise. I am proud to support our armed forces

and the huge crowds that turned out to meet the Queens Royal Hussars on their march

through Worcester the other day shows that Worcester shares that pride and support.”

“I have long been convinced and made clear during the recent election campaign that the

NATO target of 2% of GDP invested in defence and security should be a minimum to which

it would be right to commit and I have lobbied Ministers to make sure it would be. I am

delighted to see the commitment in today’s budget to meet it not just now but in each year of

this Government and to underpin the defence review with year on year increases in funding.”

“I was also particularly pleased to see the investment both in the heroes of our past through

the substantial increase to the pension annuities, made out to the winners of these awards

and the investment in the future through expanding access to our cadet forces. I have visited

the wonderful and inspiring cadets in Worcester on a number of occasions and I am

delighted that as a result of this budget, more young people will have the opportunity to

experience all they have to offer.”


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