In the recent budget announcement, George Osborne said that there would be a further extension to the freeze in fuel duty, which would be welcome news to the 78% of Worcester households who own a motor vehicle. This carries on for the fifth consecutive year of no duty rises, which not only benefits motorists and local businesses with transport costs, but the 9 out of 10 people who use the roads daily.

A report commissioned by the RAC Foundation suggests that if there had not been a further freeze, motorists would be forking out another £5 per 50 litres which on average means that each motorist will be saving £500 from their expenses. It also found that 67% of people in employment in Worcester commute by car daily to their work, which proves that at least two thirds will benefit directly from the budget announcement.

Commenting on the issue in a recent debate, Robin said:

“Fuel costs contribute to the cost of living for everyone, whether or not they drive a car and the price of food in our supermarkets is one of the things that would be higher and less affordable [if duty had risen]”

This serves testament to the widespread impact of freezing the cost of fuel. Everything from shopping to leisure will benefit due to not having to increase the costs for consumers thanks to a lower fuel price, helping to strengthen the current rapid growth of the Worcestershire economy. In the budget debate, Robin stated that:

“Many of my constituents are concerned about this and so many businesses have told me what a massive issue it is for them that it has been something I have campaigned on each year of my parliamentary career”

With the continuing freeze in fuel duty, Robin has shown once more that he will always listen to the concerns of his constituents and makes sure that he does whatever he can to ensure that Worcester will remain a key area for economic development and growth. The combination of the fuel duty freeze with rising wages, will help people in Worcester with the cost of living.