Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker, has welcomed the lowest set of claimant count figures on record for Worcester and for Worcestershire with youth unemployment staying at its lowest ever level for a second month in a row.

Last month, Robin welcomed the fact that youth unemployment in the whole County of Worcestershire fell below 1,000 for the first time in recorded history and that in Worcester it reached an all-time low of 265. This month the Worcester figure stayed the same and the overall County figure reached 935. In overall claimants: the County figure of 4,068 is the lowest figure since records began as is the Worcester equivalent figure of 1,023.

The further fall in claimants by 51 from last month’s figure suggests that Worcester could soon have fewer than 1,000 people claiming JSA for the first time ever. When Robin became MP after 13 years of a Labour Government; unemployment in Worcester stood at 2,545 and youth unemployment was 710.

To put these figures into some kind of context the office of National Statistics publishes quarterly figures for the County going back to 1992. These show that unemployment in the County stood at more than 20,000 in that year, over 12,000 in 1997, remained above 7,000 until 2000 and ranged between 7,000 and 5000 for most of the period up to 2009, falling below 5,000 only once in October 2004 when it reached its previous record low of 4,469. During the last recession it rocketed back up to 13,000 in 2009 and 2010. It fell back below 5,000 earlier this year and looks set to breach the 4,000 mark for the first time ever in the near future.

Commenting on today’s figures Robin said:

“These figures are remarkable in showing another considerable fall on last month’s record breaking numbers. I am delighted that youth unemployment is again at a record low in the city and that the overall figure is the lowest it has ever been. Looking back over the decades this is simply the best time in living memory to find a job in Worcester. However the job is still not finished. I want to make sure that everyone who wants a job in Worcester can get one and I want to make sure those jobs pay better. We need to keep driving up skill levels through education and apprenticeships, keep attracting new businesses and investment to our city and keep improving our infrastructure so that Worcester can be an even better place in which to work.”

“When I was first elected I said I wanted to see unemployment in Worcester reduced from the high levels at which it then stood to a figure closer to one thousand. It now seems not just possible but quite likely that we will see the figure fall below one thousand for the first time ever. Just as youth unemployment in the County has already done, I want to see this milestone achieved and I want to see no letup in the drive to improve opportunity and make work pay.”



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