At the end of Friday’s debates in the House of Commons the MP for Twickenham held a half hour adjournment debate on the Rugby World Cup being held in England this year and its legacy. Robin Walker, Worcester’s MP intervened to draw attention to the valuable work of the Homeless Rugby Community Interest Company, which has established a team of homeless rugby players working with the YMCA in Worcester and the Warriors Community Foundation and has already arranged fixtures against a Parliamentary team.

He pointed out that plans are afoot for the first ever international homeless rugby match, to be arranged between England and Scotland, with teams based in Worcester and Glasgow respectively to meet on the sidelines of a world cup game in Newcastle next month. He also praised the way in which the organisation has worked to raise awareness of homelessness and support homeless charities. Robin suggested to them earlier this week that they could widen their work in Worcester to reach out to local charities such as St Paul’s Hostel and Maggs Day Centre.

Previously Robin has helped to introduce the group and its work to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Rugby of which he is a member and to help secure sponsorship for their travel arrangements to a fixture with the Lords and Commons Rugby team. Last week he met CEO Darran Martin to hear how the work which started in Worcester alongside the Warriors Community Foundation, was now reaching a wider audience.

During the debate Robin asked the MP for Twickenham

“Coming from a rugby-mad constituency, I am grateful to my hon. Friend for initiating this debate. I want to mention the fantastic efforts of the Homeless Rugby community interest company. It has been doing brilliant, pioneering work in Worcester with the Warriors Community Foundation and will, in parallel with the rugby world cup, host the first homeless rugby international between England and Scotland in Newcastle later this year. Does my hon. Friend agree that raising awareness of homelessness can be a very important part of the legacy of this rugby world cup?”

She praised the work of the organisation and welcomed its work whilst also mentioning a range of other outreach activities including wheelchair rugby and rugby tots, both of which are also available in Worcester. All MPs in the debate agreed that work in the community and with charities can form a very important part of the legacy of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Speaking afterwards Robin said

“As a rugby fan I am hugely excited about the Rugby World Cup taking place in England. Not only will this be a fantastic opportunity to see the world’s best players and hope for a home win, it will also spread the positive impact that Rugby can have in all our communities. I am very proud of the award winning work of the Worcester Warriors and their excellent Community Foundation and I have been delighted to work with them in promoting this more widely. The emergence of homeless rugby to help support confidence and life skills amongst some of the most vulnerable people in society is something in which Worcester can be proud to have played a pioneering role. I would like to see more charities benefiting from this work and I hope the Rugby World Cup will be an opportunity to widen its impact.”



Notes to editors

For Robin’s intervention in the debate see:

For more information on Homeless Rugby CIC see:

For a video demonstrating the impact of the initiative in Worcester see this short video of our impact in Worcester

Homeless Rugby CIC

Homeless Rugby CIC was formed in 2013 to promote how rugby can have that positive impact on and off the field for people, that’s what we are looking to create for some of society’s most vulnerable. First established in Worcester with the YMCA and Worcester Warriors, we are looking to expand the model and create new teams, new positive rugby opportunities for homeless people across the UK, with our second team in Glasgow led by N2G Limited recently kicking off as well.

RWC 2015

To showcase our work and give both our teams a reward and event to look forward to and work towards, we are aiming to host a match between the two teams during the RWC 2015. This will not only be a great reward for the teams but also an opportunity to invite and share the experience of the players and partners with the wider rugby community about what we’ve achieved so far and our goals for the coming years.

With that in mind, we are working with Newcastle Falcons in partnering with us to host a match between our Worcester (England) and Glasgow (Scotland) teams during RWC 2015, in the first ever International Homeless Rugby match on 10/10/15 at Kingston park.

Warriors Community Foundation

For more information on the work of the Warriors Community Foundation see:

For Robin’s support for their Award Winning Work see: