Worcester’s MP has officially opened the smart new Worcester shop of the Six Towns Credit

Union on the tenth birthday of the organisation. He has encouraged constituents to check

out the savings products and affordable loans on offer from the organisation and to consider

becoming members of the fast growing UK credit union movement through it.


Robin, who is the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Credit Unions joined the

Mayor of Worcester, the Worcester Municipal Charities, Councillors and trustees of the credit

union in a celebratory event at their new shop on Lowesmoor.


The Six Towns Credit Union originally began in West Bromwich in 2005 and expanded into

Worcestershire in 2014 after Robin invited them to extend their common bond to the County.

Since the collapse of the local Black Pear credit union, it was the first new credit union to

enter the market in Worcester and is now the first to open a permanent physical presence

with its shop.


6 Towns has already engaged in some useful work with local schools, charities and the CAB

to support financial inclusion and learning in Worcester. Their alternatives to payday loans

are much cheaper than the private sector equivalents and can save people hundreds of

pounds versus more heavily marketed alternatives. Their savings products also offer a highly

competitive rate of interest and the company also offers a current account that is amongst

the first to be accessible online for a credit union. It is in the process of developing ISAs that

can be accessed through its website.


The arrival of 6 Towns as a physical presence with its own shop in Worcester has been

supported by the Worcester Municipal Charities and its new shop is right outside the CAB

offices on Lowesmoor.


Robin will be visiting a credit union in Manchester next week as part of his programme for

the Conservative Party Conference but he was particularly pleased to be visiting one in

Worcester today and spoke about the cross party support that the credit union movement

now enjoys. Credit Unions in the UK have more than 1 million members with a combined

total of more than £1 billion in savings and provide a more affordable and ethical alternative

to high cost lenders.


Commenting on today’s event Robin said

“For years I have wanted Worcester to have better access to credit unions and right from the

start of my career in Parliament financial education and access to affordable credit have

been campaigns that have interested me. I am delighted that Six Towns, who have already

done some great work in Worcester on financial education and inclusion are now a physical

presence in our city. I hope this credit union shop will succeed in helping many more people

in Worcester to join with and benefit from the success story that is the UK credit union


“I want to thank and congratulate all those who have made a success of this venture – the

CAB, the municipal charities, the city council and of course Six Towns themselves. It was a

particular pleasure to be joining them on the birthday of the credit union, which I am sure has

many more to celebrate. I look forward to seeing it achieve even greater success in the

years to come in Worcester.”


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