Robin will be attending a meeting of the All Party Group on Youth employment today after new figures showed December’s unemployment figures for the city were the lowest on record. Overall unemployment in the city dropped below 900 for the first time on record and youth unemployment dropped below 200.

The December job statistics including the number of people claiming JSA and Universal Credit showed the overall claimant count at 860, down 50 in the last month and 320 in the last year, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits in Worcester has halved since March 2014 and is down 66% since the 2010 General Election or 69% since it peaked under Labour in January 2010.

The figures for youth unemployment are the best on records going back to 1992 with just 195 people claiming either UC or JSA compared to over 800 in the Summer of 2009. It is the first time ever that the figure has dropped below 200 in Worcester. This figure has halved since April 2014 and is down 73% since the 2010 General Election and 76% since the peak.

Fermale unemployment is also down to its lowest level since 2006 at 280 and the rate of female unemployment is Worcester is now below 1%, what statisticians generally agree is effectively full employment. This figures has also halved since March 2014 and are down 56% since the 2010 General Election and 66% since they peaked.

Across Worcestershire records have also been broken with the overall claimant count at 3,855 compared to 3,935 last month, the first time ever it had dropped below 4,000. The youth claimant count across the county was 860 and this is the first time it has dropped below 900, where it stood last month on record. It has halved since May 2014.

Robin will be discussing with colleagues in the cross party group how youth employment can be improved even further and how the rising wage economy can support higher skills an greater productivity in the years to come.

Commenting on today’s figures Robin said:

“These are quite simply the best figures ever recorded for Worcester as a city and for our County. The decline in unemployment has been remarkable but it is by no means something we can take for granted. I want to make sure that Government, business and every organisation is doing all it can to create new opportunities for people and I want to make sure we keep unemployment as low as humanly possible.”

“The latest figures show that we ended 2015 in great shape but there are many risks and challenges from the global economy in 2016. I know that business needs Government to do its bit by backing apprenticeships, investing in skills and getting both education and careers advice right. I want to work with local businesses to increase the uptake of apprenticeships and graduate employment and to highlight the opportunities to employ more people with disabilities.”

“Whilst the record of the last few years has been a remarkable transformation of the jobs figures and the hopes and chances of thousands of people in Worcestershire there is never an excuse for letting up. We need to grab this opportunity to target the dream of eliminating youth unemployment.”


Notes to editors:

The latest data on the number of JSA claimants in Worcester can be found here:

In order to get the more detailed figures including UC claimants you need to go to the data downloads section of the NOMIS website and select Claimant count.


Robin’s previous commentary on the local claimant count can be found here: