Worcester’s MP has consistently campaigned to keep down fuel duty and wrote to the Chancellor once again ahead of the budget to urge him to keep it frozen. Robin Walker has always argued that cutting fuel duty and keeping it down does not only help motorists but makes a contribution to keeping down the cost of living for everyone as fuel costs contribute to the cost of food in the shops and the cost of producing it. He has welcomed another year of frozen duty, the sixth in a row, which means a saving of £75 a year to the average driver and £270 a year to a small business with a van.

The Chancellor also announced that he is once again freezing beer and cider duty to back British pubs. Robin has been named a Parliamentary Beer Champion for his consistent support for British pubs and campaigned for lower beer and cider duty since before he was first elected. He is also working with CAMRA and with local councillors to get more pubs listed as assets of community value and therefore protect them for being converted into other uses or knocked down with the community’s say so. Robin recently visited a local Worcestershire brewery, the Three Shires Brewery in Weir Lane and tasted their new beer, Hafren, which he is trying to get served in the Stranger’s Bar of the House of Commons.

Research by the British Beer and Pubs Association shows that the repeated freezes in beer duty have saved thousands of jobs across the UK brewing and pubs industries and Robin has always argued that it is better and safer for people to drink low alcohol beers and ciders in the social setting of local pubs than to drink higher alcohol drinks at home.

Commenting on the twin victories in the budget Robin said:

“I am delighted that the Chancellor has recognised once again that hiking fuel duty would be a false economy. It is great that motorists in Worcester will save on their fuel and that the savings don’t just come to those who drive but to everyone who buys food in the shops or catches a bus. I know that in budgeting terms this costs the exchequer but in the real world it is something that saves ordinary people money and by leaving that money with the people who spend it, not to mention the many businesses who benefit, it helps the whole economy in the long run.”

“Backing the great British pint, whether it is real ale produced from local barley and hops or cider produced from local apples in an investment in agriculture, in pub jobs and in brewing jobs and enterprise. I was delighted to visit Worcester’s latest microbrewery recently and I am pleased to be working on protecting more of our historic pubs. The freeze in beer and cider duty is another welcome call by the Chancellor.”

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