Today sees the launch of the long awaited Flood Re scheme to help make insurance more affordable for those who have been badly flooded and to make sure that more homes in flood risk areas have access to proper insurance. As Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker has welcomed this and recently organised a briefing in Westminster for Worcestershire MPs to hear from the new company directly as to how it can benefit their constituents.

Robin, who was Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Worcester during the record breaking 2007 floods and MP during the 2014 floods, has seen first-hand the devastation that can be caused by flooding in Worcester and has had a number of pieces of casework relating to the challenges of getting properties insured in the aftermath of floods, or the large increases that some people have seen in their excess payments after being flooded.

The Flood Re scheme brings the insurance industry together with government support to raise a fund to reinsure those properties that are prone to flooding. This should mean that the burden of risk is more fairly shared and the cost of flood risk is not bourne by those who were worst affected through no fault of their own.

It will mean that more properties can be insured and that fewer properties will have to pay larger excesses. The scheme has been many years in the making but its launch today should mean cheaper insurance for the many people who have been affected by flooding in the past. Robin is encouraging those people whose homes have been flooded Worcester to contact their insurer to ensure they are getting the benefit of Flood Re.

The world-first scheme is live from today and ready to accept policies from insurers.

Although Flood Re will not deal directly with consumers, the creators of the scheme have produced a short animated video to illustrate how it will help those at risk of flooding. This is available on the Flood Re website at

Brendan McCafferty, Chief Executive of Flood Re, commented:

“I am delighted to announce that Flood Re is now live and ready to accept policies. We aim to make flood cover more affordable and accessible to people in high flood risk areas. People in Worcester should speak to their current insurer and shop around to ensure they are able to get the best possible deal for their flood insurance.”

A helpful video has been produced to explain how the scheme should work and this can be found here:

Robin, who was PPS to the Environment Secretary in the last Parliament, has welcomed its launch today saying:

“I know from my time working at DEFRA what a huge amount of work has gone into making Flood Re work. I am delighted to see that it is now operational and as a result more people in Worcester will have access to affordable insurance. We know only too well the devastation that floods can cause in Worcestershire and making sure that homes are properly insured is vital to making sure that homes can recover and people get on with their lives. The new scheme should mean that more people can get insured and at a lower cost in the future, which is welcome news for anyone living close to the River Severn.”

“Dealing with flooding requires a wide range of actions from the Government, investment in flood defences such as the Hylton Road bund, improving the resilience of our transport network, planting trees and managing upland areas better, keeping drains clear and managing water flows better. Making sure that the insurance industry can deliver for those who have been at risk is another part of the overall strategy to improve our flood resilience and minimise the risks. This is a welcome development from Worcester’s perspective and I am glad that the UK is leading the way in this field.”


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