Worcester’s MP has welcomed a return to month on month falls in unemployment in the city with the figure dropping back below 1,000 for the whole city for the first time in three months. Whilst figures have remained close to record lows over the first part of the year, they did see a small rise in each of the first three months of 2016, taking them back to where they had been in mid 2015, however the welcome return to the long term falling trend means that they are now heading back towards the all time low set in December 2015. Since the Conservatives entered Government and Robin became MP for Worcester more than 2 million jobs have been created and employment has hit a series of all time highs. Worcester has seen its position fall from above UK average unemployment in 2009/10 to well below average, outperforming the strong national trend.

The latest figures for people claiming JSA and Universal credit show that there were 985 claimants in April 2016 down from 1,040 the previous month and 1,180 the previous year. The figure compares very favourably to where unemployment stood in April 2010 just before Robin was elected at 2,545. It stands at just 1.5% of the working population, compared to UK figures of 1.8% and the West Midlands average of 2.3%. In 2010 the equivalents were Worcester at

Youth unemployment has also fallen from 230 in March to 215 in April 2016 ending three months of increases from December when it hit an all time record low. The youth unemployment figure compares to 810 when it peaked under Labour and over 700 in the month before Robin became MP. As Worcester’s MP Robin has made backing apprenticeships and opportunities for young people to work a key part of his campaigning, he is a member of the all-party group for youth employment and this week he has welcomed the new #GetInGoFar campaign from the Government to encourage more people and employers to consider apprenticeships.

Commenting on the latest jobs figures Robin said:

“As Parliament gathers to hear a new Queen’s Speech today it is great to look back at where we have come from and see how the employment situation in Worcester has improved. Back in 2010 there were far too many people out of work and not enough opportunities for young people. Whilst any youth unemployment is too much, the figures today are low and heading down. Overall unemployment in Worcester is down over 60% and youth unemployment down by more than two thirds. I want to ensure that this progress continues.”

“Keeping unemployment down at these levels, lower than it was during any period under the Labour Government, is going to be a challenge but it is a challenge worth taking up. I want to see further progress on growing apprenticeships which give so many young people an opportunity to work and I want to see rapid action to support those who are affected by business closures or redundancy. I am particularly grateful to the local engineering companies who have stepped in quickly to help those people who were affected by the administration at Froude Hofmann and I am hopeful that all those affected will soon have found work.”

“Looking forward with the beginning of Worcester Six and with new businesses moving into Worcester such as the new Waitrose I will be opening next month there are many reasons we can be hopeful that we can do even better. I shall certainly be doing all I can to make sure this is the case.”


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