Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker, has been asked by many constituents where they can find an impartial account of the European Union and get facts rather than opinions of the arguments on either side.

Robin has therefore produced a list of a number of places that they can get a balanced or impartial account of the pros and cons of Britain’s EU membership.

The cross party House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee which has a membership neatly balanced between the two camps has produced a report entitled “Implications of the referendum on the EU for the UK’s role in the world” which contains details and arguments from both sides of the debate without reaching a conclusion and this is publicly available here:


Full details of the Inquiry can be found here:


The House of Commons Library has also published its own research report on the referendum which can be found here:


The website Full Fact regularly debunks incorrect or misleading statistics used by either side in the debate and has a full section on the EU referendum which can be found here:


The Federation of Small Businesses has also decided to take a neutral approach to the debate but have published a series of podcasts and asked key questions of the respective campaigns on how their proposals would affect small businesses. Their resources can be found below:

FSB launches EU Referendum Podcast Series

FSB’s letter to Vote Leave with the top ten questions;

FSB’s letter to Britain Stronger in Europe with the top ten questions;

Vote Leave response to top ten questions;

Britain Stronger in Europe response to top ten questions;

Full Fact review of Vote Leave and Britain Stronger in Europe responses

The Government has taken an official position on the debate and has sent out leaflets explaining that position to every household. However as the UK Government is supporting one side of the debate its publication cannot be considered impartial.

The BBC have also published their own “Reality Check” website to test and answer some of the claims being made by the respective campaigns, this can be found here:


Commenting on this information, Robin said:

“I have had a lifetime in or connected to politics in which to form my views on the European Union and I have already set my personal views out in great detail. However I could not claim to be impartial in this debate and I recognise the real desire that constituents have to get to impartial facts. We are all going to be bombarded with facts, arguments and statistics over the next few weeks and I have already said that there are claims from either side in this debate which I don’t accept. I think it is important for everyone to have access to the same information as I do.”

“I hope that the links in this release will prove useful to the many people who still have to make their minds up or who have questions about the respective positions of the two sides. Whatever your point of view, we should all accept that this is an important debate.”

“What is also vital is that everyone with the right to do so gets on and registers to vote. It would be tragic to have formed a view on this matter only to find that on June 23rd you miss out on the chance to express it. There are just two weeks left in which to register and I would urge everyone resident in Worcester to check that they have.”

“I worked hard in my first Parliament to secure the right for all my constituents to vote on this issue. I am delighted that on June 23rd they will have the chance to do so and I want them to do so in an informed way.”

Notes to editors: 

The Government has set up a new website to ensure that all those who can register to vote in the referendum which can be found here: https://www.eureferendum.gov.uk/register-to-vote/

Further information can be found here: http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/upcoming-elections-and-referendums/eu-referendum

Worcester City Council also have a page on how to register which can be found here:


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