Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker, has expressed his acceptance of the democratic mandate of Worcester and UK voters for the UK to leave the EU and his thanks to everyone involved in the huge democratic event which took place yesterday.

Commenting on the referendum result in Worcester where 25,125 people voted to Remain in the EU and 29,114 voted to Leave, Robin said:

“I want to thank everyone who was involved in this remarkable exercise in democracy. The voters who voted in record numbers, achieving the highest turnout in Worcester since the 1997 General election, the council staff who manned polling stations and supervised voting, including helping many young and first time voters to take part and the people who stayed up late into the night to count the votes. I want to thank all of the more than 25,000 people who voted Remain with me in Worcester and congratulate the more than 29,000 who voted leave on winning the day. As so often in politics, Worcester has been a model for the national mood.”

“There will be people who will be saddened by today’s result and there will be those who are celebrating. I hope many more have reason to celebrate in the years to come. I have tried to recognise throughout the debate that there are valid reasons for supporting each side and that such a complex and important decision needed to be properly debated. Many kind and thoughtful people who I respect will have voted for each side and whichever won, I would be advocating that we all come together to work in the interests of the UK. As I said in 2011 when I first voted for a referendum I wanted everyone in Worcester to have their say and now they have.”

“The will of the people must be accepted and treated as an instruction to Parliament and I would urge all people of goodwill to now come together to ensure our country succeeds and stays together. We have already seen noises from the SNP in Scotland and Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, pursuing the break-up of the United Kingdom and I am convinced that this is not in our best interests or their people’s. More than ever we need to work together with our neighbours in these isles and our friends around the world to make sure the UK can and does succeed. I believe that the vote yesterday puts us on a more challenging path to success but it is one I am determined to pursue for this wonderful city.”

Commenting on the Remain campaign in Worcester Robin said:

“I want to thank all the people who campaigned with Stronger In, Conservatives In and the other parties that supported Remain. Different people from different parties came together to campaign and put forward a positive case. Although there has been much comment about negative campaigning nationally, I did not see this in Worcester nor hear it in the many debates which took place. I particularly welcomed the support of David Tibbutt and David London, two former doctors who did so much to make the case in Worcester and the activity of Rabiya Baig, our chairman of Conservative Future.”

“There are many matters on which I disagree with the Labour party locally, but I have to commend the dedication of Councillor Squires, my opponent in the last General Election and former councillor Richard Boorn who both campaigned enthusiastically. Sadly their activity and energy was not matched by the leader of their party who seemed either uninterested or hostile to the Remain campaign. It is ironic that a campaign so in tune with traditional Labour values should have been voted against by so many people in their traditional Worcester heartlands. I shall do all I can to work with Councillors on a cross party basis to ensure that the people who were driven to vote Leave do not lose out as a result of it. I want all of Worcester to prosper within an independent sovereign UK and all of us need to pull together to make sure that it can.”

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