Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker, has paid tribute to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, who has announced today that he will be standing down in October following the outcome of the EU Referendum.

Robin was first elected to Parliament when David Cameron won a mandate to create the first post-war Conservative coalition government in 2010 and has served under him as a PPS in three Government Departments. He supported David Cameron for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2005 and has worked with him in Parliament on a number of campaigns including the push to upgrade the North Cotswold Rail line, increasing tax transparency, and winning fairer funding for schools.

In an emotional speech as he set out his reasons for standing down, the Prime Minister highlighted education reforms and the turnaround in the UK economy amongst his key achievements as well as the delivery and successful conclusion of the Scottish referendum which kept the Union together and his delivery on the promise to hold a referendum on the EU.

Commenting Robin said:

“It has been a privilege to serve under such a moderate, one nation Conservative Prime Minister as David Cameron and his skills will be sorely missed in the years to come. Coming into office in one of the toughest environments any Prime Minister has ever inherited he presided over unemployment more than halved, wages return to growth, two million apprenticeships and some of the lowest inflation of any country in the world even whilst the UK has outstripped other European and western nations. He has attracted record levels of inward investment to the UK and forwarded our soft power in many fora from the G8 to the Commonwealth to the Paris Climate talks and the UN.”

“I am proud to have played a very small part in supporting David Cameron during his time in office and well remember how he electrified the audience when he came to do a Cameron Direct event at the Guildhall in Worcester, helping me to win the 2010 election. I thought his conference

speech on life chances at the last Conservative Party conference was one of the best and most ambitious speeches I have heard from any Prime Minister and it set out a real desire to help those most in need of support. I want to ensure my party continues to focus on this vital work.”

“The Conservative Party is a great institution and has a remarkable track record of success from one generation to the next but it is at its best when it delivers One Nation policies, focused on helping everyone in society and balancing efficiency with compassion. I understand the Prime Minister’s reasons for announcing that he will be standing down but regret that he is going. I do not think that people will fully appreciate what we are losing until he has gone. I will use the process of selecting a new leader for our party and our country to push for moderation and the continuation of a one nation approach.”

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