Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker opened the new family run Worcester Eyecare shop on Friday 1st July in Sidbury, Worcester. He joined the Mayor of Worcester and the Singh Nandra family at their new shop which is going to be run by Avtar Singh Nandra. Robin was introduced to three generations of the family and was given a tour of the shop which they have restored.

The shop is located in central Worcester next to the Commandery which is soon to become a national civil war centre. The Commandery is an historic building in Worcester and dates back to Tudor times, having played an important role in the Civil War, when it acted as the Headquarters for the Royalist army during the Battle of Worcester. It attracts visitors to the area on a regular basis and is expected to attract even more following an upgrade later this year. The family run eye-centre in such a central location joins the growing number of new businesses and independent shops being launched in Worcester.

The new shop will be open six days a week from 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM and offers a range of eye care services including: Private and NHS Eye examinations, contact lenses, safety eyewear, and sun glasses. The shop provides a field of expertise in eye care and safety and will cater for individual needs of the customers.

The employees have been officially approved by the NHS to conduct eye – care examinations and they are therefore qualified in eye related issues. Above the Eye care shop the first and second floor have been adapted as meeting and living space with the potential for living above the shop.

Commenting on the opening, Avtar Singh Nandra said:

“I felt a mixture of feelings at the opening by feeling anxious and nervous but at the same time excited for the future of the business. It was great to have the Mayor of Worcester, Mr Denham, and Robin Walker’s support for the business.”

Robin said:

“I was delighted to take part in this very special opening. It is great to see a new family business opening up in Worcester city centre, congratulations to all involved. Sidbury is such an important location at the heart of Worcester and for many people driving in down the London or Bath Roads it is where they arrive in Worcester City Centre. It is really good to see derelict shops brought back into use and new businesses, especially ones that will provide a valuable service to my constituents, starting up.”

“Opening this shop just a day after the major opening of Worcester’s first Waitrose is a reminder that businesses both large and small are choosing to come to our city. We must ensure that this continues to be the case and that the regeneration of Worcester’s city centre keeps on delivering for businesses and residents alike.”

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