Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker, has welcomed a rise in the number of new homes being built for the second year running including a record supply of new affordable housing in the city.

Figures announced by Worcester City Council earlier this show that 637 new homes were completed in the city in the last – a net rise of 35.7% on last year’s figures.

The figures relate to homes built in the last financial year when the City Council was under Conservative control.

42% of the net new homes completed in 2015/16 were affordable housing. The total of 257 affordable units completed was more than double the average of 106 over the previous ten years.

The new homes built in Worcester in the past year also feed into the target of 28,400 due to be built between 2006 and 2030 under the South Worcestershire Development Plan. The Plan sets out policies to provide jobs and homes across Worcester and the districts of Wychavon and Malvern.

Robin has previously pointed out that the Conservative group on Worcester City Council has a stronger record of delivery than Labour in the years that they controlled but is now urging the new Labour led administration to keep up the pace of delivery.

Robin said:

“I am delighted to hear that the last two years under the Conservatives were the best ever in terms of delivering new affordable housing to the people of Worcester.”

“I know how much this matters as I see so many housing cases in my surgeries.”

“The new administration in the Guildhall have a lot to live up to and it will be a challenge to sustain it but I am happy to work together with all parties to meet that challenge”

“The last time Labour controlled the council we saw a big fall in the numbers of new homes being started. Once again Labour have been left a golden legacy by an outgoing Conservative administration and this time I sincerely hope they are able to keep up the pace.”

Notes to Editors:

For Robin’s previous releases on affordable housing:






For a year by year breakdown of new affordable housing compiled from CLG & City Council data see:

Year Total affordable housing units delivered in Worcester City
1997/98 22
1998/99 11
1999/00 19
2000/01 28
2001/02 89
2002/03 44
2003/04 84
2004/05 120
2005/06 179
2006/07 126
2007/08 121
2008/09 166
2009/10 150
2010/11 34
2011/12 88
2012/13 117
2013/14 76
2014/15 260
2015/16 257


The Prime Minister Theresa May spoke last week of the importance of new affordable housing: