Robin Walker, MP for Worcester, has expressed his delight at his appointment as the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the new Department for Exiting the European Union. Robin will be supporting the Secretary of State David Davis MP and working as part of a Ministerial team that includes former Welsh Secretary David Jones MP and Lord Bridges of Headley MBE.

This is Robin’s first ministerial appointment since he was first elected in 2010 and whilst he did back Remain during the referendum he has consistently supported the right of the British people to decide the matter.

Commenting on his appointment, Robin said:

“It is an incredible honour to be asked to join Her Majesty’s Government by the Prime Minister. I am looking forward to working in such an important area making our departure from EU work.”

“It’s a privilege to be taking on this role at such an important time for the country. Whatever your views before the referendum, now that the decision is taken, the challenge is to make it work for the whole country.”

“I’ve always supported having a referendum, and we now need to make sure we get the best possible deal from Brexit. We need to address some of the challenges that remain campaigners myself included set out whilst delivering on the mandate that more than 17 million people – more than have voted for any UK Government in history – delivered for the UK to leave the EU. In Worcester more people voted to leave the EU on June 23rd than ever voted for any MP in our history, that mandate must be respected.”

“This department is brand new and has a huge task ahead of it to give us the best possible outcome to once of the most complex negotiations ever undertaken. We will be pulling in some of the top talent and the very best civil servants from across Whitehall. It is a daunting challenge and a huge privilege to be working in such a vital and central area of the Government’s programme.”

“I respect and recognise the referendum result. It’s not about 52% or 48% but how we make this work for the 100%.”


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