Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker, has welcomed yesterday’s decisive vote in Parliament supporting the Prime Minister’s call for a General Election on 8th June. Robin voted alongside a significant majority of MPs for an election to take place on that day and only 13 voted against. He has contacted the Chairman of the Worcester Conservative Association to seek re-adoption as Conservative candidate for the city.


With 49 days now remaining until Election Day, voters in Worcester will face a choice: strong and stable leadership in the national interest with Theresa May and the Conservatives or a weak and unstable coalition government led by Jeremy Corbyn.


An election this year is also essential to strengthen the Prime Minister’s negotiating hand in Europe.  Division in Westminster, and the Government’s small majority, could risk weakening the Government’s hand in its negotiations with Europe especially as the likely end period for negotiations would run close to a 2020 General Election. As the country enters a vital period to negotiate the terms of our exit from the European Union, unity and stability are essential to ensure a smooth transition and with the SNP threatening the future of the United Kingdom, making the case for it to stay together is more important than ever.


In Worcester, where Robin won re-election two years ago with an increased majority, he has welcomed record low unemployment, rising investment in school places and new management for the local NHS trust and continues campaigns for investment in transport infrastructure, the Worcestershire Royal Hospital and fairer school funding.


Commenting on the news, Robin said:


“When I backed Theresa May to take the leadership of the Conservative Party and the country I did so partly because I felt that she could provide the combination of strong leadership and moderate, centrist policies our country needed to face up to the challenge of Brexit.”


“Like me she accepted the result of the referendum and wanted to make a success of it and like me she was aware of the challenges it would bring but also the opportunities.  I also backed Theresa May because the overwhelming feedback I had from constituents in Worcester was that she was the right person for the job – something I have had repeated to me many times on the doorstep over recent months. She was right to run for the leadership of our party and she was also right this week to call a general election.”


“Since she has been leader of our country, the economy has outperformed all expectations, she has set our bold and ambitious plans not only for our exit from the EU but also for a new partnership between the U.K. and friends and neighbours in Europe. She has pursued a powerful one nation vision of a country that works for everyone and she has kept promises on moving towards fairer school funding, on pensions and on more resources for our NHS.”


“Under this Conservative Government employment is at record levels; unemployment is at its lowest level for 45 years; over 3 million UK workers have been taken out of paying income tax altogether; and millions are benefitting from the national living wage.”


“With the threat of a second referendum on Scottish independence there is a powerful case to be made for a United Kingdom, a global Britain that looks out to the world with unity and continues to play a leading role in the world. I shall be campaigning as hard as I can in the weeks ahead to support that vision because I believe it is the best thing for Worcester and the people I have been privileged to serve over the last seven years.”




Notes to editors

Details on how to contact Worcester Conservative Association can be found at: https://www.worcesterconservatives.org.uk/

Further information on Robin’s recent campaigns and announcements can be found at: https://www.walker4worcester.com/news/