Worcester’s re-elected MP, Robin Walker has given heart-felt thanks to the voters who turned out on a windy rainy day last week in record numbers and has dedicated himself once again to serving all the people of Worcester, both those who voted for him and those who did not.

After a hard fought campaign Robin saw his vote increase but his majority cut as Labour’s vote in the city increased to just short of the vote he had received in 2015. The 24,713 votes that Robin received were the highest number of votes for any candidate in Worcester since Michael Foster’s 1997 election victory and mean that Robin has increased both his vote and his vote share at every election he has stood in. However the majority of just 2,490 reflects the fact that Worcester is and remains very much a marginal seat.

Since the Worcester seat took its current boundaries, containing the city, the whole city and nothing but the city, this is the highest vote for the Conservative party in any election. Nationally Conservatives also received the highest share of the vote since 1983 and the highest number of votes for any party since 1992. At the count in Worcester, early on Friday morning Robin congratulated his Labour opponent Councillor Joy Squires for a substantial increase in the Labour vote from 16,888 to 22,223 and thanked the police and all those involved in manning polling stations or delivering the count. His own vote rose from 22,534 in 2015 to 24,713 in 2017 or from 45% to 48% on a higher turnout of 71%.

Commenting on the result Robin said

“I am truly honoured and humbled to have received the support of so many people in the city that I love. I have always believed that Worcester is a marginal seat and the results last week bear that out. I congratulate the local labour candidate on a strong campaign and her increased share of the vote but I will be eternally grateful to the amazing team who helped me to increase my own vote in Worcester and delivered the highest vote for the Conservative party here in any election for 25 years.”

“I am delighted that all six Worcestershire seats have chosen  Conservative MPs to represent them. I can assure all my constituents that I shall continue to fight the corner for this wonderful city and I shall continue to hold regular surgeries and to go out knocking on doors even when there is no election going on. I recognise that the role of a local MP is to represent all of their constituents and to serve them without fear or favour, which is what I shall continue to do.”

Commenting on the national picture he said

“The election result was not what many had pedicted and I accept it is not what many in my party hoped or wanted to see but, having won both in terms of votes and seats, we must now take on the challenges facing our country and show that we have listened to the concerns and the hopes of the people.”

“We face a hugely important challenge in the coming weeks with the opening of negotiations for our exit from the European Union and I believe that the Conservative party has set out the right strategy for meeting that challenge. We will be leaving the European Union itself and its political structures but we will also be seeking a deep and special partnership with the EU and continuing to work together on crucial issues such as security, trade and scientific collaboration. We need to work with MPs of all parties and from across the United Kingdom to deliver on that.”

“ It is striking that in an election we were told would be all about Brexit, it wasnt the issue that kept coming up on the doorsteps and the two parties that fought to overturn the result of the refendum – the Liberal Democrats and the SNP – saw no revival in their vote and a decline in seats. I am pleased that my party made a net gain of seats in the Midlands and in Scotland, making us better able to stand up for the future of the United Kingdom. We must now stick to the centre ground and deliver certainty in the challenging times ahead.”


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