Worcester MP and Department for Exiting the European Union Minister Robin Walker has welcomed the news that the EU (Withdrawal) Bill has received Royal Assent and become law. The announcement was made earlier this afternoon in the House of Commons Chamber by Speaker John Bercow MP.

The EU Withdrawal Act as it will be know, repeals the European Communities Act 1972 and transfers EU law into UK law at the point of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. The Act will ensure that the UK has a functioning statute book when it leaves the EU, providing the maximum amount of certainty and continuity as the UK takes back control of its laws.

Members of Parliament and the House of Lords have spent over 250 hours debating the content of the bill and tabled more than 1,400 amendments since the bill was tabled last year, with the majority of those amendments withdrawn.

In the coming weeks, Governments Departments will start to lay the groundwork for Britain’s Exit from Europe in Parliament and it is expected that around 800 pieces of secondary legislation will be required. As part of the first tranche to be laid, the Government will use powers in the Bill to repeal the European Union Act 2011 as agreed by Parliament.

As the Bill as now completed its passage through parliament, Robin will be attending an event in Downing Street later this evening.

The Government has already committed to holding a vote on the final deal in parliament as soon as possible following the conclusion of negotiations. Both the House of Commons and the House of Lords will be able to scrutinise and have a meaningful vote on the deal soon after it is reached and before the European Parliament.

Speaking after today’s announcement, Robin said

“It is excellent news that the Withdrawal Bill has completed its passage through both Houses of Parliament and received Royal Assent. This is an incredibly important piece of legislation that provides certainty and control by ensuring we have a properly functioning statute book when we do leave the European Union.”

“I am pleased that the EU Withdrawal Act is now law and will provide continuity for people and business alike. The approach we have taken of converting EU law into domestic law maximises certainty and stability while ensuring Parliament is sovereign.”

“The passing of the Withdrawal is a landmark moment in the history of our country and will be a major building block going forward as we negotiate our exit from the European Union. I will continue to work to ensure we do leave, we do so in a way that not only delivers on the referendum result but brings people together from all sides of the debate in the interests of the whole country.”



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