Worcester MP Robin Walker has welcomed the announcement by West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion of 100 extra frontline police officers for the region.

The new recruits will take officer numbers in the force to over 2,000. Recruitment for the roles is due to start immediately with the officers in post next year. This comes on top of existing recruitment plans for the force this year.

This investment in additional officers is possible because of the efficiencies being made in back-office functions, the significant reserves held in West Mercia, and the flexibility afforded by the Home Office in precept setting for 2019/20.

John Campion said:

“I promised our communities that a greater proportion of the money they contribute towards policing would be spent on the vital frontline services we all value most.”

“Policing is not just a numbers game, however it is no secret that demand is increasing in all police forces. These additional officers will help ensure West Mercia’s communities get the service they need, and that the force has the resilience to cope with changing demands.”

“Our communities have been clear and consistent that they want visible and pro-active policing. I hope this decision demonstrates those voices are being heard, and acted upon.”

West Mercia Police Chief Constable Anthony Bangham said:

“I welcome this announcement from our Police and Crime Commissioner and I’m grateful that he has responded positively to the operational needs of our force.”

Commenting on the announcement, Robin said:

“I know my constituents will welcome this commitment to additional officers in the region, and I am grateful to the PCC for listening to the concerns of residents and officers and boosting the strength and resilience of our police.”

“The recent demonstrations in the city showed just how important it is for us to have a strong and visible police presence on the streets of Worcester, providing reassurance to all our communities.”