Worcester MP backs Home Secretary with background in business to lead country forward.

Robin Walker, Worcester’s MP and the longest serving Brexit Minister, has today given his backing to his Worcestershire colleague Sajid Javid to become Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party.

Robin has met with a number of the potential candidates hoping to become leader to discuss their policy suggestions. He has also spent time knocking on doors and speaking to constituents in Worcester about what they want to see from the new Prime Minister. He has called for the next leader of the party to focus on One Nation values, which will keep the Conservative party on the middle ground of British politics, deliver for the whole United Kingdom and focus on the priorities of people living in places such as Worcester. Robin has also consistently supported delivering a pragmatic Brexit with a good deal, something that will not be achieved by pressing for WTO or “no deal” terms.

As Home Secretary Sajid Javid has championed more investment in the police and giving settled status to EU citizens already established in this country free of charge. He has recently suggested a lower salary threshold for skilled migrants to help businesses recruit key talent from overseas but is a strong supporter of Britain having control of its own immigration policies, coming out of the system of free movement and determining people’s right to settle in the UK based on their skills and what they have to offer, rather than their nationality. As the child of immigrants, he understands the importance of treating people with respect and compassion whilst also respecting the desire that was shown in the referendum for the UK to exercise a greater degree of control.

Robin has worked with Sajid over many years as a Worcestershire MP to support the case for fairer funding for local schools, deliver affordable housing and investment in local infrastructure as well as in the NHS. As both a former Treasury Minister and a Minister in key spending departments, Mr Javid understands the need to unlock long term investment in our public services and housing whilst keeping public expenditure under control and taxes low. He was also a successful Business secretary, championing apprenticeships and support for small business, both areas dear to Robin’s heart, and came into politics from a background in business.

In the last few days as Home Secretary he has announced plans to remove all charges from non-emergency calls to the police and championed the recruitment of 20,000 more police officers to step up the fight for law and order. He has also strongly opposed calls from the SNP for a second referendum on independence, making clear that as leader he would stand up for the union of the United Kingdom and oppose all second referendums.

Commenting on the choice of Prime Minister and Sajid Javid’s campaign to be party leader, Robin said:

“We need a patriotic Prime Minister who can bring the country together and unite people to look to the future with confidence. We need someone who respects the result of both the 2014 referendum on the union and the 2016 referendum to leave the EU, but understands that for the UK to succeed it needs to be pragmatic, open, outward looking and confident in itself. We need someone with a proven track record of standing up for business and delivering in Government. We need someone tough and determined enough to secure a deal with the European Union who can say that they have always put the needs of citizens first. Of all the candidates in a crowded field I believe the best placed on all these counts is Sajid Javid.”

“Most importantly as someone who has always believed that the Conservative Party should be about fusing efficiency with compassion, we need a One Nation Prime Minister. I believe that my friend and near neighbour Sajid Javid can be this figure. He understands the need to govern for the whole country and look beyond the M25, the need to reward entrepreneurialism and encourage success but also the need to stand up for high quality public services. By fighting for more police on our streets and fairer funding for our schools he has shown that he cares about the issues that matter to my constituents in Worcester. It was the last Prime Minister to hail from our beautiful County who coined the phrase “One Nation Conservatism”, perhaps it will take another Worcestershire MP to bring Stanley Baldwin’s spirit of One Nation back to the heart of our party?”

“Brexit may be the number one issue that defines this contest and I am as determined as ever to deliver what my constituents and the British people voted for in leaving the EU. To defeat the divisive destructive campaign for a second referendum, which Labour are now embracing, we need a realistic and serious approach to delivering a deal. To succeed with that task, we need a leader who can inspire trust. Having worked closely with him over many years I believe that Sajid is just such a figure. He is respected by his opponents, trusted by his friends and can take the Conservative party forward in the twenty first century. As a successful Home Secretary Sajid, will be respected by counterparts in Europe and the wider world and be strongly placed to make the case for security on the international field even as he stands up for law and order at home.”


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