Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker, has praised the Prime Minister’s announcement of a £25 million cash injection for the country’s hospices. This funding will secure the future of hundreds of hospice facilities across the country, ensuring that those entering end of life care will be supported appropriately.

The Prime Minister has today announced this new funding, following a reception last week with staff on the front line of hospice care, which will build on top of the funding already provided by the Government through the National Health Service.

Robin is a longstanding supporter of the hospice movement and has focused on both children’s palliative care and adult hospice care. Robin asked his first ever PMQ in 2010 on hospices and has welcomed this financial recognition of the work undertaken by hospices across the nation.

Worcester is incredibly fortunate to have St Richard’s in Worcester, and while the specific destination of this funding has yet to be determined, Robin believes that the ripple effect of this boost will ensure a more sustainable financial future for the facility. This money will serve to support the sector by increasing capacity, relieving workforce pressure and uncertainty as well as introducing a new wave of services such as out-of-hours support, respite care and specialist community teams.

Speaking after the announcement, Robin said:

“I cannot welcome this announcement enough, it is fantastic news for the sector. Hospices support over 200,000 people with terminal and life-limiting conditions ever year in the UK, as well as the tens of thousands of family members and loved ones navigating the difficulty of such conditions.”

“I am a close supporter of St Richard’s, and have visited countless times during my nine years as the City’s MP and have been, without exception, enormously impressed by the tailored care provided and the dedication of the hard-working staff. I have been urged by St Richard’s to make the case for funding increases and as such have taken this matter up with various colleagues and departments; especially concerning the hiring of clinicians and funding for NHS pay rise matches.”

“My late Father was cared for at St Richard’s, and I know first-hand how compassionate the care is and how people nearing the end of their life are treated with kindness and dignity.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Seeing a loved one nearing the end of their life is one of the hardest things a family will ever experience, so it’s vital that we support our fantastic and hardworking hospice staff to deliver the highest quality palliative care.”

“As Prime Minister I am making sure that today our hospices and palliative care services are given a £25 million boost to alleviate the everyday pressures faced on the frontline, helping to ensure they have the resources they need, when they need them.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said:

“End of life is vitally important, and our NHS is committed to caring for you from cradle to grave. This cash boost will protect our precious hospices and palliative care services so people across the country will have the best, most personalised and dignified choices when they die.”

“We should expect the highest quality support, so we can spend the last days of our life with our loved ones, dying with dignity in the way that we want to.”

“The hospice care sector supports more than 200,000 people with terminal and life-limiting conditions in the UK each year, as well as supporting tens of thousands of family members with bereavement support.”

“In June, NHS England announced plans to increase the children’s hospice grant to £25 million by 2023/24, from £12 million in 2019/20.”

June Patel, Chief Executive of St Richard’s said:

“On behalf everyone at St Richard’s we are delighted to hear about the announcement made by Boris Johnson regarding the £25 million cash boost for hospices, and we thank Robin so much for his ongoing support to St Richard’s.”


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