Worcester MP Robin Walker has welcomed the recent announcement that schools across England are set for a funding boost after the Prime Minister announced he will invest over £14 billion in primary and secondary education between now and 2022/23.

The funding package for 5-16 schools includes £2.6 billion for 2020/21, £4.8 billion for 21/22, and £7.1 billion for 22/23 compared to 19/20. This will bring the schools budget to £52.2bn in 22/23. This delivers on the Prime Minister’s pledge to increase school funding by £4.6bn above inflation, levelling up education funding and giving all young people the same opportunities to succeed – regardless of where they grow up or go to school.

As part of this, every secondary school will receive a minimum of £5,000 per pupil next year, with every primary school getting a minimum of £4,000 from 2021/22, given that Worcestershire schools have historically been funded less than other areas, this means they will benefit disproportionately from the uplift.

The deal includes £700 million extra for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in 2020/21, so every pupil can access the education that is right for them, and none are held back from reaching their potential.

Robin long championed fairer school funding in parliament and was Vice Chairman of the cross party f40 campaign for four years which campaigned for a fairer funding formula and has recently written to the Secretary of State regarding the importance of SEND funding and the pressures facing both special and mainstream schools.

The funding announced ahead of the spending review will:

  • Ensure that per-pupil funding for all schools can rise at least in line with inflation
  • Progress the implementation of our National Funding Formula, delivering promised gains in full for areas which have been historically under-funded.

This funding boost comes on top of a near £1.5 billion each year to continue to fund additional pension costs for teachers. Schools will also continue to benefit from government support to ensure they can make the most of every pound of their budgets, following the launch of the Department for Education’s School Resource Management Strategy last year.

This ranges from a free-to-use vacancy service to recruit teachers, to expert advisers who provide tailored support to individual schools that need it.

Speaking after the funding announcement, Robin said:

“I am delighted that new Prime Minister has made this issue at the top of his agenda and a key priority for the spending review. It is particularly important that this extra money, whilst lifting funding for all schools, focuses on those who need it most.”

“By prioritising funding of the lowest funded areas, this spending decision will help Worcestershire schools which for too long have been left behind.”

“I raised this issue in my maiden speech, pressed hard as the Vice-Chair of the f40 for many years, and welcomed the first steps to correcting problem under the previous government, this new announcement represents a substantial step forward. I am also delighted to the see the focus on helping pupils with special needs, which is a real priority in Worcestershire.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“When I became Prime Minister at the start of the summer, I promised to make sure every child receives a superb education – regardless of which school they attend, or where they grew up. Today I can announce the first step in delivering on that pledge – funding per pupil in primary and secondary schools will increase and be levelled up across the entire country.”

“My government will ensure all young people get the best possible start in life. That means the right funding, but also giving schools the powers, they need to deal with bad behaviour and bullying so pupils continue to learn effectively. The additional funding comes ahead of the Spending Round and gives schools the certainty they need to plan their budgets.”

The Chancellor Sajid Javid said:

“We said our priorities were police, healthcare and education, and that’s what we are delivering in the Spending Round. Because of the hard work of the British people to put our finances in order, we can now invest in their priorities.”

“As I know from my own experience, nothing is more important to a child’s future than their education. That’s why we are putting in place the funding that helps them realise their potential, to the benefit of us all.”

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“We owe it to the next generation to ensure our education system is world class, and that nothing stands in the way of our young people having the best choices in life, whatever course they take.”

“This £14billion funding increase – the largest cash boost in a generation – means our schools can continue to raise standards and build an education system that boosts productivity, improves social mobility and equips children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the bright future that lies ahead.”


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