Worcester’s Conservative Candidate has welcomed support for his nomination from across the political spectrum as nominations are confirmed this week for the 2019 General Election.

As at previous elections he has won the support of many life-long Conservatives and a long list of former mayors of the city but he has also been nominated by former members of every other significant political party in the city.

James Stanley, now Chairman of the Worcester Conservatives and a Councillor in Claines was a former Liberal Democrat member but joined the Conservatives in 2011. Marc Bayliss, a former Labour Parliamentary candidate and councillor is now the Conservative Group leader on Worcester City Council having come across the Conservative party in 2012 and Louise Griffiths, a former Green Councillor, is now a Conservative Councillor in Battenhall. All three signed Robin’s nomination papers.

They have been joined by the former UKIP MEP for the Midlands, James Carver who is supporting Robin in this election in order to get Brexit delivered. As well as having attracted support from all of these members of other parties, Robin has been backed by the widow of former independent councillor, twice Mayor of Worcester and freeman of the city Mike Layland, with June Layland being one of the leading nominees on his three sets of nomination papers. The Chairman of the Worcester Muslim Welfare Association Haris Saleem has also nominated Robin.

Another more recent supporter is Dawn Turner, daughter of former Labour Mayor of Worcester Ray Turner, who is campaigning for the Conservatives in Nunnery Ward. She works with armed forces veterans and is backing the Conservatives because she knows that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party does not support the armed forces. She joins 29 other prominent citizens of Worcester in helping to nominate Robin Walker, who was one of the first signatories to Worcestershire’s military covenant.

Commenting on the range of nominations he has received, Robin said:

“I’ve always been proud to represent a broad church of opinion in Worcester and as One Nation Conservatives I think we should always strive to be welcoming to people whatever their previous politics might have been. I am proud to have former elected politicians from all parties backing my campaign for re-election and I will keep campaigning to do the right thing by voters in Worcester. It is a true honour to have the support of nine former Conservative mayors of Worcester and the families of two former Labour mayors.”

“Delivering on the vote of the people of Worcester in the 2016 referendum is something that both Labour and Conservative candidates in the last election promised to do, but it is clear that Labour have now broken that promise. I respect the people of Worcester too much to break my word to them and I am determined that we should leave the EU as they have decided. I will continue to campaign on local issues such as improving our transport, upgrading our hospital and getting fairer funding for our schools and unlike the other candidates, I have a record of delivery on each of these.”

“Support such as I have seen from so many old friends and new cannot be taken for granted, it has to be earned and I am honoured to be nominated by so many great people who have done so much good for our community.”

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