Worcester’s MP, Robin Walker has welcomed today’s Queen’s Speech, outlining a bold domestic agenda addressing many of the issues that Robin has championed in Parliament and continuously campaigned for. Robin was particularly pleased to see investment in the NHS and a focus on the environment taking centre stage amongst other progressive One Nation pledges and policies.

The main function of the Queen’s Speech is to announce the Government’s priorities and to list the bills that they plan to introduce in the coming Parliamentary session.

Overview of the Government’s priorities:

  • Getting Brexit Done– the Government is absolutely committed to getting Brexit done and leaving the European Union on the 31st of January 2020. The Government will negotiate a new relationship with partners in Europe and introduce legislation to ensure that, as agreed, the transition period does not go beyond December 2020.
  • Levelling up fairer funding– schools in England are promised more funding to address historic inconsistencies in regional funding, this will increase by £7.1bn by 2022-23. Minimum levels of per pupil spending are increasing to £5,000 in secondary schools and £4,000 across primary schools.
  • Protecting the Environment– the UK will reach net zero emissions by 2050 and lead the global community in tackling climate change; environmental assurances are to be bound in law including air quality.
  • Preserving the Union- the integrity and prosperity of the Union is of the utmost importance; this Government will focus on restoring the Stormont.
  • Investing in our NHS– an NHS Funding Bill aims to give the health service an extra £33.9bn per year by 2023/24, which the government says is the largest cash injection in the history of the NHS.
  • Supporting Working Families– the Government will increase the National Living Wage, ensuring that millions of people across the country will benefit from a pay rise.

Commenting on the Queen’s Speech, Robin said:

“I was delighted to see a number of policy areas that I have pushed for over many years in parliament – including fairer funding for schools across the country, environmental regulations to ensure the UK continues to be a world leader, record funding for the NHS, and supporting our working families.”

“It’s been a delight to welcome my new colleagues to parliament and I believe that the Queen’s Speech is a great platform to build on our One Nation agenda.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Our ambition is nothing short of a complete transformation of our country for the better. We will deliver for the whole of our great Union, investing in and levelling up every part of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We will ensure that 2020 is a year of growth and opportunity, bringing together our United Kingdom, and moving on from the division and uncertainty of the last three and a half years.”

“This is a radical Queen’s Speech – it will take us out of the EU, overhaul our immigration system, and will enshrine in law record investment for the NHS. And it will take our country forward with an ambitious One Nation programme to unite and spread opportunity to every corner of our United Kingdom.”

“We will make it an absolute priority to protect our planet for future generations, taking action to meet our target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and introducing our landmark Environment Bill – the first for a generation.”


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