Tomorrow, on  the 6th of May, people across Worcestershire will get the chance to secure real change for our city and county. The benefits of voting Conservative include:

  • Conservative councils charge lower levels of Council Tax – averaged across council tiers, Conservative-run councils in 2020-21 in England charged £83 a year less than Labour-controlled councils on Band D and £130 a year less than Liberal Democrat-controlled councils.
  • Recycling – over half of the English Councils with the best recycling rates are Conservative-run. In 2019-20, of the 20 councils with the best recycling rates, 11 were Conservative and a further six are either run by independents or have no overall control. None were run by the Labour Party. Conservatives are committed to leaving our planet in a better state for the next generation.
  • Working collaberatly to deliver the Towns Fund Bid  which will deliver funding to some of Worcester’s areas of highest need including a range of initiatives to support employment and skills
  • Secure Worcesters share of the Levelling Up Fund – this fund will include a range of high value local investment priorities, including local transport schemes, urban regeneration projects and cultural assets and voting Conservative will help to ensure we see the maximum possible impact from the Levelling Up Fund.
  • Building back greener – includes a range of high value local investment priorities, including local transport schemes, urban regeneration projects and cultural assets.
  • Conservatives who will work hard to cut down on crime and keep people safe – John Campion has launched his bid as the Conservative candidate to be re-elected as the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner who has worked hard to ensure the public’s views are at the heart of policing whilst not dodging the difficult decisions to ensure their money is spent effectively and efficiently.

It is vital to have Conservative representation on Worcester City Council, including Leader of the City Council Marc Bayliss –  who has a strong track record of working across the public, private and voluntary and community sectors-  and Worcestershire County leader Simon Geraghty – who has overseen many major improvement projects – to continue to the great work going on in the City and Worcestershire.

These are the benefits of having Conservative representation in Worcestershire – as well as continuing our recovery from the pandemic, regenerating our high streets and local communities, unlocking the opportunities of Brexit to help create good quality sustainable jobs, helping businesses deliver more apprenticeships and recruiting more police officers.

In short, building back better.